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Make cool bracelets from old PET bottles

In this lively workshop, children from the age of 8 go to work on recycling PET bottles into bracelets. Inventor and Maker Rick Claassen comes to you with his self-developed tools. The children can work independently here after a short instruction.

In no time children made their own gift bracelets from PET bottles that were still on the street. Wow.

This quick workshop is very suitable as an active supplement to lessons in primary education about, among other things, sustainability, recycling or the plastic soup. Also great in museums and festivals.

Cost: € 347 for a morning and € 497 for a whole day.

New Year’s action! if you register before January 31, 2018, the morning workshop will cost € 347 instead of € 247! *

* When paying in advance, there is a limited number of places available. Above the 100 km travel distance of Nistelrode is a kilometer rate of € 0.35 / km, the workshop can be booked until 1 July 2018.

This workshop is part of my Making is Healthy Tour 2018. For dates and locations check my agenda. See when I am at your school or club in the area and I visit on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Also bookings outside of these times are possible.

Ik ben geïnteresseerd in een workshop van de Vrije Maker

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