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Workshop Making is Healthy

Making is a fulfilling activity that can bring you into deep contact with yourself and with the world.
In fact, the process of making can be nourishing and supportive for you and the planet!

Are you, just like me, passionate about making, but do you want to do so in a way that is not harmful to you or the earth? Do you have enough of using harmful chemicals, or raw materials of dubious origin, or fossil energy? I am convinced that this is not necessary, and that it can be done differently.

We are at the beginning of a whole new era. A time in which we learn to work together with nature in order to create a healthy society. This is an exciting and challenging quest, and I invite you to join.

In the workshop we will work on the convictions we have gained in our lives about what making is actually, and look at our role as makers in a changing world in a completely new way.

Do you join? Then come to my workshop ‘Making is Healthy’, and together we will search for the answers.

Participation is based on Pay What You Can. For dates and locations see my agenda.

Ik ben geïnteresseerd in een workshop van de Vrije Maker

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