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I’m Rick, the Free Maker.

I am a maker. As long as I live, I build things. That is my passion. But I found out that making in our world is linked to polluting, depleting and destroying our planet. In our current culture, making things coincides with destroying our mother Earth. This is a sobering and painful experience for many makers, including myself. The realization that your creativity contributes to the destruction of the planet is heartbreaking.

Why are we doing it this way? It feels so primitive and stupid for me. We can do this really much and much better! We people can do much more than what we do now. And we can develop and rediscover the ways that we can make what we need in a truly healthy and nourishing way.

I am looking for those ways. Ways that are healthy for people and nature. Ways of making that feed the earth instead of depleting it. I want to make my passion for living only in a way that works for myself, for others and for the planet.


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