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Wow, how beautiful nature is. The only real form of sustainability we know of in our current society.
Are we people able to function just like nature does, and thus create a healthy society?


I’m Rick, the Free Maker. I am passionate about developing and making tools and products. I want to live this passion in a way that is healthy for the earth, and  I am on a journey the find the right ways for doing this.


These ways differ entirely from our contemporary, polluting methods. They are nourishing for the earth, and make her healthier. They are nourishing for your soul, and make you happy. And they benefit everyone, people, and nature.


I want to add these ways to my toolbox to become a Healthy Maker. This year 2018 I am on a tour through the Netherlands and further into Europe, to find them and share them with you. I invite you to join me in my search!


How to participate?


During my tour I will do various things: interviews, workshops, live demos and I keep a blog. Below you can see how you can support or join me!


1. I am looking for people who are, in their own way, already creating healthy ways of production. I will interview them and share their stories with you, here on this site, on Youtube, and on Facebook. Do you know people, for example, people who work with natural materials, who are completely wild of permaculture or who seek out the limits of human potential? Let me know, I would like to get in touch with them.
2. Teachers, I invite you to invite me for a workshop. In my workshop, your pupils experience how they can use their own unique creativity for a healthy earth. Check my calendar to see when I am in your area. I’m planning to go to London, Berlin, and Köln in the first half of this year.
3. Come to one of my Live Demos in parks and on squares, where I will show you how much fun it is to take care of the planet.
4. If you also are a maker and you want to participate in finding really healthy ways of making, then join me in my workshop. Attention, it might turn all your ideas about making upside down 😉
5. Follow my blog, where I share my experiences and insights, and show my new tools.


In my calendar, you can see when I am in your area.


Become a friend


Also hungry to learn about really healthy ways of making? Ways that do not deplete the earth? Healthy ways that make your heart happy? Ways that use everyone’s unique talents and creativity, ways that create a thriving society? Then become a friend of my project! You can do this here:
(as for now the crowdfunding is only in Dutch)


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Do you want to know more about really healthy ways of making

Join my mailinglist and I will update you on cool and unexpected ways of healthy making.

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Almost starting, only one week left!

In 2018 I make a journey through the Netherlands, and further into the world on a search for really healthy ways of making.

Ways that are nourishing for the earth, and make her healthier. Ways that are nourishing for your soul, and make you happy. Ways they benefit everyone, people, and nature.

My journey is called the 'Making is Healthy - Tour 2018', and it begins in the 4th week of january in the city of Utrecht.

I Invite you to follow me, join me and support me on my Tour. You can subscribe here, and I will keep you updated on all the cool and really healthy ways of making I will ad to my toolbox in 2018

Rick Claassen
The Free Maker

Je hebt je succesvol aangemeld. Je ontvangt een mail waarmee je je aanmelding kunt bevestigen. Groet, Rick Claassen

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